Crooked Bar-Photo Friday

August 9th, 2012


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  1. ericn1300 Says:

    This is a prime example of why the raw photo should be shown beside the hideous rendition proffered.

  2. editor Says:

    So I take it you don’t like it? Not sure you would be fond of the original either.

  3. ericn1300 Says:

    Well, I’d guess from my original post that I really didn’t like it but looking at it again, after sobering up a bit, I have to agree with myself. Not knocking your technique, this is one of my favorites: I think it’s just the lack of depth of field that is so disconcerting to me, just the lack of context….

  4. ericn1300 Says:

    As you might have noticed I have been both a fan and a critic of your work for awhile now. It just seems that something in your art brings out the bi-polar personality in me.

    Now it comes before me that is considering changing it’s sucky panoramic banner picture of Boise to this even suckier picture:

    My comment was:

    “why, It’s an ugly overhead shot of roof tops not even representative of Boise from a normal, everyday perspective.

    edit: cool pic though and it should be submitted to the Idaho Historical museum. very interesting to those of us that know Boise but not how I want our capitol city to be seen around the world”

    I’m sure you must have something in your portfolio that can save us redditors in the eyes of the world, and something better that an Iphone 5 with Apple maps and panoramic view.

  5. editor Says:

    Ericn, guess I am flattered! Not sure what I would send to reddit, I do agree with your assessment though.

  6. ericn1300 Says:

    Not really sure what to recommend, the traditional view from the Depot is way over used. Maybe a series of pictures taken from water level amongst the various canal systems about the area would provide a new perspective, something not looking down and yet not looking up? Or get west of the two big monstrosities downtown and there is a beautiful sky line downtown, you just need to find a vantage point that puts you in the middle.

  7. ericn1300 Says:

    or maybe a picture from Joe Scott’s place.

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