Facebook killing Boisee.com?

October 7th, 2009

Been wondering if I need to keep posting on Boisee.com. Seems like most of my commenters, and likely readers have gone to Facebook. Don’t mind doing both, if anyone out there is reading this thing. Just thinking out loud. Maybe I should turn this into a more photo oriented site.

10 Responses to “Facebook killing Boisee.com?”

  1. Dr. Dave Says:

    either or, It is nice hearing about what is going on in boise, and the pictures are nice to see as well

  2. Ray Says:

    Just my opinion- the open net is for libertarians. Facebook is for commies.:)

  3. Garzone Says:

    I avoid facebook like a plague…. jeez… people need to get a life

  4. Jo Says:

    I like boisee.com

  5. Rick O Says:

    Dave, just keep on doin’ what you are doin’. Then again, I apparently do not have a life, so take my advice with a grain of salt. Have a shot with that salt, while you are at it.

  6. editor Says:

    Hi all, tanks-think I will keep at it. Just need a little input now and then to know anyone is out there. I will bump up the number of images, since FB has a terrible user agreement when it come to photos.

  7. Billieboo Says:

    You had traffic when you talked shit about popular bars. Now that you post pics of blues bars and others the masses could give two shits about nobody cares.

  8. Steve Says:

    Keep on doin’ what you’re doin’. Facebook is the new Myspace. Something else will come along and be the new Facebook and you’ll wonder about that.

  9. Nathan Jay Says:

    I know this comment is late, but i check boisee.com every couple days or so.


  10. Nancy Says:

    Don’t listen to that negative puke…it is YOUR BLOG and you have a lot of friends and followers that do enjoy what you are doing.

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