Boise City Market

May 14th, 2008

Market McClaskys-8739.jpg

Things are warming up at the City Market. The spring produce is coming in and looks delicious. Down on the “Art” block the variety of work is very cool. Lot’s of photographers, glass blowers, illustrators and the like. Come down and check us out. Saturday mornings from 9:30till 1:30. Greg and I “the Streetshooters” are in our usual; space across from the Brick Oven, between Main and the Grove.

Market Honey-8737.jpg

This year I am featuring mostly “Boise” themed work. Both on canvas and conventionally framed.

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  1. todd Shallat Says:

    David: Can Boise STate (Go Broncos!!) use your rubber chicken market photo in our student publications??? Puhleeze? I’ll credit David R. Day American Photo Source.


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