February 20th, 2007


Of late, several readers of this blog have expressed dissatisfaction with the way it is presented. In light of this somewhat legitimate criticism it seems as if it is time to clear the air a bit.

Until further notice will:

Be poorly edited, no that is a lie, it will not be edited in any fashion. Therefore expect syntax, grammar, logic and especially spelling errors.

It will be based on the random bits of the authors weird life. Don’t expect much cohesiveness. Do expect notes on people you don’t know, bars you don’t drink in, places, events and tidbits from wherever and whatever the author happens to find worth writing about. But wait-there’s more! Included at no extra charge will be assorted other things that make sense only to the author.

Oh, and photos that will range from beautiful to downright strange.

Boisee will continue to present unproved, biased-yet often true rumors, innuendo, personal opinions and loose facts.

If we are lucky the content will amuse, inform, amaze and be of interest. If not, is only a click away.

BTW Jose, you have obviously never seen my ass!

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